The final frontier: smoking bans in apartments, condos

Remember when restaurants had smoking sections? Or when going out to a bar inevitably meant coming home smelling like an ashtray, even if you never took a puff on a cigarette?

Thankfully, those days are long over. And so is the debate that banning smoking from bars and restaurants would kill the hospitality industry. In the past decade, smoking bans have gone even further: In many parts of Canada there’s no more lighting up on patios, in public parks, in cars with kids.

That means we’re approaching the final frontier in the hard-fought battle against exposure to second-hand smoke. But this next fight is going to be a doozy.

The private home is one of the last places where Canadians can indiscriminately light up a cigarette without risking breaking the law. And a growing number of people would like that to change. Specifically, people who live in apartments, condominiums and other multiunit dwellings where one person’s cigarette smoke can easily invade another person’s home.

Controversial, yes. But also an important, necessary move.

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