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Depreciation reports trigger condo re-roofing boom

Metro Vancouver roofing contractors are crediting B.C.’s new depreciation reports for a boom in roof replacements. “We are booked through to the end of August if we work six days a week,” said Josh Gibson, co-owner of Benchmark Roofing Ltd. of Coquitlam. “On my desk right now I have three multi-family projects that came in this week and they are all very large.”

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The final frontier: smoking bans in apartments, condos

Remember when restaurants had smoking sections? Or when going out to a bar inevitably meant coming home smelling like an ashtray, even if you never took a puff on a cigarette?

Thankfully, those days are long over. And so is the debate that banning smoking from bars and restaurants would kill the hospitality industry. In the past decade, smoking bans have gone even further: In many parts of Canada there’s no more lighting up on patios, in public parks, in cars with kids.

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